Our Services

We offer several different tiers of services, designed to fit the budget and needs of any band or label. Regardless of which tier you choose, we will work together with you through the writing and revision process of your PR materials until you’re completely satisfied.

We also offer a monthly package for labels who would like to hire us full-time.

Tier One – Press Releases: If you already have your own network of contacts and are looking for well-written copy about your upcoming release(s) to include in emails or post on your Bandcamp, social media, or online store, this is the option for you.

Price: $25

Tier Two – Electronic Press Kits: If you want something a bit more involved to send out than just a press release, an EPK is the way to go. This option includes:

  • a band bio
  • information about your upcoming release(s)
  • selected blurbs from previous press coverage
  • band photos
  • a private streaming link.

Price: $50

Tier Three – Full PR Campaign (One Month): A full-service package for those who either don’t already have a list of contacts or don’t want to spend their time and energy emailing blogs and writers. We’ll write the EPK, and then work within our network of contacts to line up reviews, streams/premieres, and interviews for your band(s).

Price: $100

Tier Four – Full-Service PR: For labels who would like to hire full-time PR instead of working on a release-by-release basis, this is for you. We’ll handle all of your PR needs for one recurring monthly fee.

Price: Sliding scale based on average number of releases per month, can be paused during months when label is not active:

One release: $25/month
Two or three releases: $50/month
Four or five releases: $75/month
More than five releases: $100/month